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2 in 1 Electric Fabric Shaver

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Still worrying about the embarrassing lint, fuzz, pill, fluff, bobbles on your clothes, curtain, sofa, socks, bedding set?

You need a fast and effective fuzzy ball cleaner to save your clothes, give them a fresh look and extend their life.

Still worrying about the lint,fuzz,pill,fluff, bobbles on your clothes,curtain,sofa,socks,bedding set?

Our defuzzer fabric shaver will help you get everything done and make your clothes, sweaters,coats,sofas,cushions,blankets look new.


  • 【USB Rechargeable Fabric Shaver】The lint shaver is rechargeable and no battery is required which is environmental friendly and saves your money.It takes about 3 hours for the lint fuzz remover to be fully charged and provides up to 60 minutes working time.You can take the cordless lint remover to anywhere after it'sfully charged,or shave the fabric while charging,and you just need to plug the cable into a charging device or a power bank or even a laptop and switch the fabric shaver on.

  • 【Double Protection】 The upgraded detachable bionic honeycomb knife net can protect the fabric from damage.The stainless steel knife net,with a slight arc,fits the clothes smoothly,trims and presses without deformation,keeps a safe distance from the knife head,and does not damage the clothes.If the net cover of the sweater shaver is loose or removed,the fabric shaver fuzz remover will stop working immediately to avoid danger or damage to the fabric.

  • 【Efficient and Durable】 This lint shaver for clothingis equipped with a high-speed motor system and a rust-proof 6-blade blade,which is much faster than similar fuzz remover fabric shaver on the market.It will refresh your sweaters,coats,cushions,and blankets.And keep them tidy.

  • 【Hidden Lint Roller】There is a lint roller tape inside this fabric defuzzer, lint roller can absorb the hairballs on the fabric,you can use it as needed.You can install the lint roller with the fuzz shaver handle to use it.In addition,we also equip you with 1 lint roller and a 6-leaf blade.

  • 【Widely Used】The perfect clothes shaver,compact structure,easy to carry,suitable for travel and family use.Suitable for all kinds of fabrics:clothes,sweaters,cushions,blankets,socks,wool coats and can also be used in household furniture and decoration includings ofas.

Package Included:

1x Fabric Shaver
1x Original Replaceable Spare Blades
1x lint rollers
1x Lint Brush
1x USB charging cable
1x Instruction Manual

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2 in 1 Electric Fabric Shaver

As low as ₱1,799 Regular Price ₱3,699